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How This Platform Changed Our Members Lives

And it can change your life in positive ways that will help you to create and live your dream life!


The Money Is Talking

Increased revenue by over 400  dollars per tradesman per day, which has been a direct result of the electricians’ productivity shooting up by more than 15% after completing the electricians' course.


Optimum Customer Satisfaction

Members get 20 times more repeat customers as a result of our techniques. They are also able to get more customers to leave a positive review online and build a brand awareness for their electrical business.


Happy &  Loyal Employees

Staff retention rate has increased in the companies where the electricians are trained on the Electricians Success Academy because they feel that they are a part of a team that cares about their personal growth & success.



Having no readily available guidance and educational resources, Greg had to really struggle through the growth years of his electrical business Response Electricians. Through a lot of trial-and-error, hard-work, and after setting up systems, processes, and automation, Greg has successfully built a fully-automated electrical business that operates and grows without his direct involvement by the age of 26.

In 2017, Greg was awarded the National Master Electrician of the Year as a result of the automated success of Response Electricians and how his entire team give back to the electrical industry in an effort to raise the standard of the electrical industry. The evidence of hundreds of electrical businesses and electrical workers benefiting from the Academy's learning platforms was commended and attributed to the winning of the award.

Having learned all that he could from the sources available to him, he kept searching for more. When he realised that there’s a considerable lack of relevant educational platforms and resources available to the electricians, then he started the Electricians Success Academy to help the electrical industry lift its standards and create a better life for all electricians and electrical businesses globally.


Greg Allan - Your High Performance Coach

  • Founder and director of Response Electricians.
  • National Director of Master Electricians Australia.
  • National board member of Master Electricians Australia.
  • Member of the Area Advisory Committee for Western Australia. 
  • Member of the National Electrical Safety & Technical Committee.
  • Founder & Head Trainer at the Electricians Success Academy.
  • Your motivational coach, friend, and mentor for success.


Having experienced immense success in the electrical industry, Greg thought about giving back to the industry because he believes it is really lacking in terms of reliable and relevant training material that is easily accessible to improve the standard of electricians and electrical contractors. He is driven by his passion for the electrical industry so that he can help contractors to provide better training to their staff so that they don't have to go through the same struggles that he did through his journey in electrical business.

Response Electricians has always pushed themselves to deliver an incredible service to every single customer. The core values of the team have always been curiosity and 5-star customer service. Thus they have continuously learned and updated their work to the most current and applicable systems to ensure that they could stay ahead of the curve. They have applied marketing strategies to ensure that they stay at the forefront of the industry. Now you can learn to do the same and win at it, every time, with the help of Electricians Success Academy.

If you are someone who is a part of the electrical industry in any way, whether as an electrician, electrical contractor, electrical project manager, or an investor, then we would love to talk to you. Reach out to us and let us know your thoughts on the electrical industry and what could be improved moving forward.