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"This Academy Has Changed My Life!"

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The Electricians Success Academy was designed and built by Greg Allan, Master Electrician of the Year 2017 to provide an accessible platform for electricians and electrical businesses to learn without spending thousands of dollars on coaching or on-site training.

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Electricians Success Growth Platforms

Electricians Platform

The Electricians Platform is a dynamic online course that focusses on technical, customer service and performance. It teaches you to be a high performer and make the most out of your current employer by understanding how to upgrade the skills required for your specific type of electrical work wherever you are in the world.

Electrical Business Platform

The Electrical Business Platform is a dynamic online course that focusses on everything you will need to know as an electrical business owner. Learn trade secrets from leading experts and businesses and find as well as a support base that allows you to share your real-life experiences and get the support you need to win!


Pro Team Manager provides you with the ability to white-label the platform and track the learning journey of your team of electricians. Here you can see what videos your electricians have watched and received answers to quizzes to assess their competency levels and protect your electrical business if they proceed to work unsafely.


What Our Members Are Saying


"I had no idea how inefficient my pricing and team was before starting at the Academy.. We were able to double our profit in 3 months! I can honestly say,  starting at the Academy is the best business decision I have ever made. 

Scott Prioste
Hott Electrics


"Understanding the many challenges a business owner faces, I have found the Platform to be an invaluable resource for myself and my team. The concept, delivery and innovation is fantastic and I'm happy to strongly endorse it. "

Amador Garcia
Safety First Electrical Services

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"The Academy has given me a refreshed look into our business and gives me the drive to push forward the reap the rewards that we set out in business to achieve. It's giving us a more profitable business and a better work life balance."

Clinton Richards
Clinton Richards Electrical Services

Dynamic Learning Platform

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The Academy Platforms continue to grow and evolve with the contribution of the members. You won't be able to find more relevant content than taught from the experience of the electrical industry's global leaders and experts. Join today and become a part of a powerful active support network.



We've been working hard to develop engaging and relevant content that can be applied to your work or business immediately and have a major impact




No matter where you are located in the world, the Electricians Success Academy teaches universal principles that will help you upgrade your work and life.




Each Academy Platform uses gamification to maximise the learners engagement through earning experience points as they move through each level unlocking new valuable content!


  • Why was the Academy created?
  • Is this for apprentices & electrical workers?
  • Is this for electrical business owners/sole traders?
  • Can this help with training my electricians?
  • What can I expect when I sign up?
  • Are you still improving the Academy?

Our Mission:


To empower apprentices, electrical workers and electrical business owners by providing a dynamic online learning experience with videos, trade secrets, technical articles and support from some of the leading electrical contractors and experts in the world. 

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