Magic Wizard Sales Method

Do you ever wish that there was a blueprint you could implement, after changing it a bit per your business needs, and generate MILLIONS? Well, the method that I am about to share … made me millions of dollars in the Electrical Industry. So I am super excited; and I hope that you can implement it, too!

This sales method is full of magic, wizardry, and elves that make your business and sales more efficient. It will blow your mind. I hope that by the end of the article you will be ready to implement this practical sales method.

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It’s better if you also watch our electrical business training videos along with reading this article. It’s available in eight steps and to get the best results -- you can break it up into steps, implement a section/step, measure results, watch the next video, and repeat.

Earlier I called it the Academy Sales Method but because of its potential to generate so much wealth and revenue for you, I have renamed it as the -- drum-rolls, please -- Magic Wizard Sales Method.

Step #1 - Define your target market.


Define your specific target depending on the type of customers, affluence, company size, or other specifications. Say, for example, in a small company you might be able to build better relationships, so if that is your target market, do not search for or reach out to the large companies. Whereas if you want to leverage a company’s position or brand name, target larger companies and avoid small companies.

When you define a specific market, it is cheaper to get data, emails, follow up, organise, and time-wise. It also helps you to increase your conversion rate, because if you call everyone, then people will keep saying no. But when you target a specific market, the chances of conversion and closing the deal increase! In fact, the more specific you are, the cheaper it will be. When you do sales calls, follow-ups, and emails, your time will be efficient because you will get a certain amount of conversion.

Now that you have decided to target a specific market, it is time to build your list. Don't data scrape all the websites yourself. Your time is too valuable for that. Instead, you can hire data scrapers or data miners, who will collect data -- such as names, emails, and more -- for you.


When you hire a data scraper/miner, you need to know who are you exactly looking for in your lead list. Whether it is builders, property managers, business owners, cafes, a specific type of employee or if it is just someone down the road. You need to know your exact target market. And you need to convey this to your data person, too.

While defining your lead list, focus on --

  • Who is your customer? (More detail is merrier.)

  • What does your customer’s job title look like?

It will give you a real and clear understanding of who you are targeting. For clarity, you can also use LinkedIn or to indicate who you are targeting.

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