The Electrician's Success ACADEMY


Becoming a member is the best way to utilise all of the content and training videos.  Here you will get ALL of the video training content released over time.

Video lessons will be released periodically to improve the understanding and information retention of the average electrician and help take them to a new level of understanding, workmanship and customer service while maximising returns for the employer by selling more electrical solutions and increasing efficiency of each electrician. 


  • Video training released at a proven method to maximise learning retention and growth of each electrician.
  • Maximise your return on investment by educating your electricians on how to sell more electrical solutions and improve efficiency in all aspects of work.
  • Reduce the risk to you by proving that you have provided training on areas that are important such as The M.E.N. System, Earthing and the difference between unsafe and sub-standard.
  • Equip your electricians with the best chance of succeeding on every job you send them to. 
  • Build confidence in your electricians as you see them grown and enhance their skills and abilities over time.

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