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Greg Allan Gives An Electrical Contractors Online Business Training Preview

In this podcast, you will discover useful cost cutting tips for electrical business owners and electrical contractors. Greg Allan shares the two things that should result when you cut costs. Mix your cost-cutting techniques with these tips to get the most out of your skills and time as an electrician! Are you ready to make your Electrical Contracting Business more lean and efficient?

Key takeaways from Electrical Contractors Online Business Training Preview:

  • Labour component is extra time.
  • So reducing cost means that one is cheaper and one is expensive.
  • When a thing offers more VALUE = It should save your cost and raise your business revenue.
  • To reduce cost, you can minimise travel time, minimise trips to wholesaler, do things quickly (charge for an hour but complete a job within 30 mins!). Access the complete electrical contractors online business training on our platform!
  • When you make purchase decisions for your business, you should consider how much and what value a product or a service brings to it.

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Electrical Contractors Business Training Preview