Electrical Wholesaler Business Advice - Wayne Stewart


L&H Shares Electrical Wholesaler Business Advice

Wayne Stewart from L&H talks about the important role electrical wholesalers play in saving electrical contractors time. While sharing electrical wholesaler business advice, he also discusses the premium end products and encourages electrical contractors to sell them as they can be valuable & profitable.  Wayne address the question -- Why is it important in the electrical business to ask and educate your customers about the quality of premium end products? Lastly, he also talks about the importance of markups on your material in electrical contracting and how it can accelerate your financial growth and bring more stability to your electrical contracting business!

Key takeaways from electrical wholesaler business advice:

  • Electrical Wholesalers are the knowledge base for contractors and can save electrical contractors time.
  • Electrical Wholesalers provide a national perspective on returns. How the product is performing sate and nation-wide?
  • An electrical business advice worth following is to stock premium end products and upsell them to the customers for more profits!
  • Electrical Contractors can upsell products by asking and educating the customers about the premium products.
  • Don't mark it up 300% but just a respectable margin. Because markups play a huge growth in your electrical industry success and finance.

Electrical Wholesaler Business Advice