1-2 Hours Left? Just Finish The Job & Max Profit


Greg Allan Shares Online Electricians Course Preview

Ah, the joy of putting off things -- are you guilty of procrastination? When you leave off a 1-2 hour job for the next day, it negatively impacts your productivity as an electrician. In this electrical success podcast, Greg Allan emphasises how you can reflect and plan for the future EVERY DAY for improved productivity and a fluid progress! These are the things no electricians school will teach you. Are you ready to increase your productivity by leaps and bounds? 

Key takeaways from Online Electricians Course

Reflect on one day and future plan for a few days. 

Always consider, when you are planning out your day -- How do I finish it today or at max tomorrow? Maybe, you can do an extra hour today so you can definitely finish it off tomorrow! You need to plan and schedule in advance. If you don't do this, work might keep being delayed. It happens when you don't reflect and plan for the future. Thus, as an electrican you need to plan and reflect every single day. It will lead to:

  • More productivity.
  • Fluid progress over time.

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Online Electricians Course Preview