Electrical Contractor Business Growth & Coaching


Rob Kropp shares some Electrical Contractor Business Growth & Coaching Tips

This is an incredibly insightful and informative discussion with Rob Kropp who helps electrical contracting business scale and grow without sacrificing the things that really matter in life. All electrical contractors will be inspired and motivated. Be ready to grow sustainable so you can keep doing the things you love without your electrical business ruining your relationship or your mental state.  This contractor sales coach podcast can change your life, for better.

If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have gotten.
— Rob Kropp

Key Takeaways from Electrical Contractor Business Growth & Coaching:

  • What are the challenges and pressure of being an electrical business owner?
  • How to not lose connection with your family -- the most important thing -- while working?

  • Why do you need to develop your electrical business skills?
  • Become an owner of an electrical company rather than an electrician who owns a company.
  • Position -> person -> processes.
  • Have a plan and do not rush. This is a marathon not a sprint. Change and transformation takes time. It is a sequential process.
  • Structure your electrical contractor business growth with this coaching.
  • System improvement, recruit rock people in rock position, transition and delegate, leverage your time.
  • Electrical business owner can step back from operations and focus on other things.
  • Productivity and schedule is managed by the operations manager. Include sick days and time offs.
  • Make sure your prices are competitive. (Not expensive, or cheap). Charge what you are worth.
  • Build good relations with your suppliers and negotiate.
  • Most Businessmen stop living to make money. Break free from this life. Maintain a work-life balance.
  • Change your habits to go through the transition phase.

Electrical Contractor Business Growth & Coaching

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