Just Retired. His Industry Tips - Tom Birt


Electrical Industry Legend Tom Birt Shares Electrical Contracting Business Advice

Tom Birt shares some electrical contracting business advice as an electrical industry legend who has successfully owned and operated 3 electrical businesses over 3 market cycles. If there is anyone to pick up some life long lessons from, this is your man. It was an absolute pleasure to interview Tom and find out how he was able to retire from the electrical business with everything he ever planned for.  Enjoy!!

Key takeaways from Electrical Contracting Business Advice:

  1. Don't criticise, condemn, or complain.
  2. As an electrical contractor, you need to be genuinely interested in other people.
  3. Don't be afraid to say no. Implement this electrical contracting business advice and work only on the best and profitable projects.
  4. Apply to people's native motives.
  5. Place time on situations.
  6. All electrical contractors should write down the Q&As.
  7. Don't expect gratitude. A very practical electrical contracting business advice.
  8. Unjust criticism is often a compliment in disguise.
  9. Analyse your mistakes and yourself.
  10. Make good working habits.

Electrical Contracting Business Advice - Tom Birt