Starters Guide To Emergency Lighting

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Starters Guide To Emergency Lighting

This is a guide and introduction to emergency lighting including terminology, locations and purpose of emergency lighting. You will learn what each type of emergency light fitting is called and how they operate in the commercial setting. Learn how the battery back up works and some basic design principles and understanding in accordance with AS2293.

Once you build an understanding of the different types of emergency lights available, it will help you design a layout to suit any building to help occupants evacuate safely in the case of an emergency. 

Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency exit signs are installed to provide an illuminated guided access to a safe exit or evacuation route in the case of an emergency or a total loss of power. Exits signs should point the way that an occupant to take to safely exit the building and this route should be carefully considered including having no deadlocks on exit doors and no obstructions.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting such as spitfires, battens and flood lights have a battery back-up that energises when the power is disconnected from the mains. These lights are designed to provide basic lighting on the route that the exit signs are guiding you on to safely evacuate from a commercial building. Consider the correct spacing between lights to ensure that the path is illuminated to prevent tripping hazards. 

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