Do You Use The 4-Step VRI Fault Finding Principle?

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The VRI Fault Finding Principle For RCD Faults

In this video you will learn about the VRI Fault Finding Principle and the 4 easy steps to follow to guarantee your success in nailing an RCD fault every time. To view the whole electrical lesson, become a member of the World's Greatest Electrician Training.

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VRI Fault Finding Principle Preview Transcript:

Greg Allan:

Hey guys. Too legit to quit. Greg Allan, Worlds Greatest Electrician Training. It's good to see you again. I can't wait, today's sessions a fantastic one. We're going to learn about fault finding an RCD fault. Now, how many of you have roughed up and not really sure about what to do when you get there and not sure of the process and you feel as though if you had some sort of guideline to follow you'd be able to just go in and nail it every time? It's really cool because today's session we're going to go through that process and you've got this forever. You're going to be able to walk away from today's session and kick ass. The next fault that comes up you're going to be like, "You're dead." Can't wait for that, it's going to be fantastic for you.


Going to start with a little bit of drawing, and we're going to draw an RCD. Just a plain and simple RCD. Now, I'm going to draw an active coming in and an active going out and a neutral coming in, neutral going out. In, out. OUT is your load and IN is your line. Cool. Now, you're RCD should be off because it's tripping, but we want to confirm that it is. Go ahead and get your multi meter and we want to go and voltage AC and make sure that the voltage is zero. What we need to do, and you'll remember this from your school, is to ensure that your meter is working correctly. We want to make sure that your meter is working correctly so we're going to test between earth and active on the line side to confirm we've got 240 volts. Yes, we've got 240 volts. Okay, cool. Have I got 240 volts here? Zero volts. Good. The RCDs tripped out, we've got zero faults going out, now we're okay to start testing with our resistance meter.