Our business has profited and excelled with the help of Greg and the Electrician Success Academy. The Academy gave me support and invaluable industry know how to grow the business in team members and clients. My team now have resources to learn how to work more efficiently and to see how my business runs internally. This has given us a team culture all looking and working toward a common goal. We now have a platform to learn not only tools of the trade but business lessons and time saving tips. These all given out from senior members of our industry sharing their experiences which in my opinion is absolutely invaluable. I'd recommend the Electricians Success Academy to any business owner of any level.

Chris Putney
Director | Amped Specialist Electrical Pty Ltd

It's my pleasure to provide a testimonial for Greg Allan and the Electrician Success Academy. I have observed first hand the significant value that the Success Academy has had both on my own business and the many businesses I have recommended to the Platform. Understanding the many challenges a business owner faces, I have found the Platform to be an invaluable resource for myself and my team. The concept, delivery and innovation is fantastic and I'm happy to strongly endorse it. 

Amador Garcia
Director | Safety 1st Electrical

When I first started working on running a business I had absolutely no idea on how to run a business and everything was trial and error. I had tried a couple of other educational contracting platforms but they just didn’t provide enough content or feedback when I needed it. The Electricians Success Academy has been amazing. I’ve learnt so much over the last few months and continually use it as a reference point for a lot of things I come across day to day. This Academy is something that the industry definitely needed and couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

Shane Whiteman
Director | SW Energy

Dear Greg, I wanted to take the opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for the help and experience I have gained since becoming a member of the electricians success academy. I found myself in a tough position having lost a major contract and only being given 2 days notice, even with the great attitude I consider myself to have it was a tough situation for myself as a contractor and put pressure on my family. There isn’t a lot of support out there for business owners especially when times get tough and things become uncertain.

A lot of the content I’ve had access to I may have already known, or thought I didn’t need to brush up on, but having the support of such a positive learning environment has done wonders for my life in all areas. I have never felt as proud of what I am building for my business and have never ever being this happy to go to work everyday. What Greg and the academy is doing for our industry and the wonderful community of like minded electricians and business owners has, and will continue to be so valuable to my business and even more importantly my personal attitude and approach to life. Thank you for being such a legend Greg! Kind Regards

Andrew Sly
Director | Sly Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd

To Greg & the team at Electricians Success Academy. I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your portals & podcasts are to use and manage. The electrical industry as a hole is a very negative, protective, dog eat dog environment. Hopefully more Electricians will access and implement some of the helpful tips and hacks that are suggested by the programme, and in doing so break down some of these industry stereotypes. Keep up the great work Team!!!

Ben Williams
Director | Will-Power Electrical Pty. Ltd

Thanks Greg Allan and the implementation of the Electricians Success Academy into our business we have learnt more about our business which has lead us to finally working on the business. Working on the business has opened our eyes to what profit we weren't making and then adjusting our pricing structures accordingly. Greg has really hit the mark with the academy as it was a hole in the industry that everyone had thought about but didn't bother to implement.

Greg has had the motivation and the intelligence to get it from an idea to a performing product for like minded business owners to successfully use in and on their business. The Electricians Success Academy is a business tool we can have in the office or out in the field where we can up-skill our electricians when necessary to improve their knowledge of the job and skillset, and therefore improving the standard of our industry. It's a proven game changer for me! Regular interviews with industry leaders, peers, wholesalers and business improvement experts are proving so much value to not only us but other members I'm in contact with on a day to day basis, It's like having a business mentor on hand. Bouncing ideas off one another within the platform and through the closed online members page gives you confidence that you're asking the right people within our industry for advise and that has proved to be very valuable time and time again. Knowing that we are all there to help each other grow and to improve in the industries standards is a refreshing feeling. What I find in our local area is that that electricians don't talk to one another about work that often, in fear of someone stealing ideas or customers.

This is where I get value our of the platform again as I can talk to the guys in my area that are doing the same thing, we bounce ideas off one another specific to our area and to help each other grow with the same level of professionalism. Without joining the Electricians Success Academy I wouldn't of been in contact with MEA state awards winners Greg, Troy and Rowan, They gave me the motivation to go for the Residential Project of the year which we ended up a finalist. I wouldn't of had the interest or confidence to do so, but with the camaraderie built I had a go and now we have more brand awareness and a more professional look to our brand.

The Academy has given me a refreshed look into our business and gives me the drive to push forward the reap the rewards that we set out in business to achieve. It's giving us a more profitable business and a better work life balance.

Clinton Richards
Director | Clinton Richards Electrical Services

Greg and the Electricians Success Academy are offering electricians the extra training and support that until now hasn’t been available. Like an ongoing trade school learning theory in the classroom and being able to use that out in the field. Thanks Greg for being available to answer any questions we have. I see myself growing as both an electrician and a business owner with the Electricians Success Academy. 

Dayle Cook
Director | Ryan Cook Electrical Pty Ltd