EARN more, STRESS less and make this your BEST year in business yet!

Use this platform to improve your electrician's understanding of the electrical industry, how to maximise the sales on every job, how to increase efficiency EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Your electricians can login from ANYWHERE and learn or refresh on skills when you have free time at work. The more they know, the less risk they are to your business both financially and your business reputation. 

Watch your team grow with minimal input from you!



What will my electricians actually learn?

  • How to connect with customers and provide more solutions and sell more on every job they go to.
    • Value: $100/Job/Tradesmen on average
  • How to increase productivity to save you an hour of productivity losses EVERYDAY! 
    • Value: $70/Day/Tradesman
  • How to interpret the standards & regulations and their responsibilities under their EW licence.
    • Value: Minimised Liability To Your Business
  • Electrical principles explained in ways your electricians will understand to minimise the risk to you as a business owner and improve productivity and perceived competency with customers.
    • Value: Minimised Risk, Increased Productivity, Street Cred!
  • The VRI Fault Finding Principle with HEAPS of examples to make it clear so they crush it without confusion on every job to make your business look like ABSOLUTE PROS!
    • Value:  Build Trust With Your Customers When You SMASH IT Every Time.
  • Electrical Efficiency tips, hacks, van organisation, installation techniques and more.
    • Value: Minimise Stress & Maximise Productivity
  • 12 Months Free Access to Monthly Electrical Upgrade LIVE - Join us live to discuss real issues that we are facing as electrical contractors, ask your questions and get real time answers. 
    • Value: Normally $89/month - Included in this package
  • Your entire team can access this from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME for as long as you need. This means no more sitting in a class which can cost you anywhere from $200-$1000 for a days worth of training. Your electricians can re-visit this content anytime they need to, they can watch it 100 times if they want. They don't need to try and absorb everything all in one day and hope it sticks. New staff? Thats okay, put them through this training. Get them up to date at no extra cost. 
    • Value: Between $200-$1000/Electrician - FOREVER

How this program has helped Troy from Electric Results

Product Guarantee: 
If you and your team do not make 10X the investment you make in purchasing this product within 3 months of completing it all, you can ask for a FULL REFUND - No questions asked.

If I am not delivering you with content that is going to take you to the next level by teaching your team how to EARN MORE, how to be MORE PRODUCTIVE and waste less time, improve your team culture by giving you all something to connect with, then I am not doing my job. You can ask for a full refund and you will get it. 

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