Troy Smith

"The Electricians Success Academy is one of the most brilliant initiatives I have ever seen!

I’ve know Greg for some 6 years now through being co-Directors of Master Electricians Australia and his passion for the industry and helping people has no equal.

What Greg does through the Academy, is so much more than teach and preach and see you later, there is always someone needing help with something and there is always someone willing to help.

At the moment due to lack of regulation, our industry and the players in it need a hand.

Through education, support and helping each contractor to better understand and execute all the facets of business we can lift them and if we lift enough our industry will lift and be a much better, safer, high quality industry that makes profits and is able to better provide value to its clients.

I cannot speak highly enough of the Academy and Greg Allan who is his own version of Steve Erwin with the same level of passion, energy and care for the cause, and all the people who make up our great industry. Get amongst it."

Electric Results
12 Years - 10 Staff