Andrew Sly

"I zigged and zagged for 3 years sub-contracting to bigger businesses, barely earning enough and dealing with my own clients when I had enough time.

Sometimes I didn’t know if I had made a profit or just wages.

When a quote was rejected by a potential customer I would take it personally and feel I’ve done something wrong.

Around a year ago I joined the Electricians Success Academy and my whole life has changed!

Now, I’m landing almost every job I quote, I know I’m making profit and maximising every opportunity I get.

My family life has improved so much thanks to understanding where my business is and not having to stress about where my next payment is coming from.

Before joining I would sometimes feel alone or had very little support from others in my situation.

The community of like minded business owners and electricians here really is something that is priceless and an absolute game changer.

I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t join the academy but I’m certain it wouldn’t be as positive as the position I’m in today.

Joining the academy is definitely the best investment I’ve ever made!"

Andrew Sly
3 Years - Sole Trader