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Are you working long hours, overwhelmed and feeling like you never have any time to do the thing you love to do?

Are you always on the hunt for more work in attempts to make more money, so you can work less?

The Academy teaches you electrical industry relevant best practises to scale and automate your electrical business so it can operate profitably without your direct involvement.


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Andrew Sly

"I zigged and zagged for 3 years sub-contracting to bigger businesses, barely earning enough and dealing with my own clients when I had enough time.

Sometimes I didn’t know if I had made a profit or just wages.

When a quote was rejected by a potential customer I would take it personally and feel I’ve done something wrong.

Around a year ago I joined the Electricians Success Academy and my whole life has changed!

Now, I’m landing almost every job I quote, I know I’m making profit and maximising every opportunity I get.

My family life has improved so much thanks to understanding where my business is and not having to stress about where my next payment is coming from.

Before joining I would sometimes feel alone or had very little support from others in my situation.

The community of like minded business owners and electricians here really is something that is priceless and an absolute game changer.

I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t join the academy but I’m certain it wouldn’t be as positive as the position I’m in today.

Joining the academy is definitely the best investment I’ve ever made!"

Andrew Sly
3 Years - Sole Trader

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Clinton Richards

“The Electricians Success Academy has made me change the way I think and run my business for the better. 

The tools and little operational hacks I've learnt have shown a significantly positive improvement in my business and customer satisfaction is high too.

It's a must for anyone looking to create a great company culture and an experience your customers will be blown away.

The platform is a real game changer and a brilliant tool for our industry.

I highly recommend it !!”

Clinton Richards Electrical
4 Years - Sole Trader

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Jennifer Louw

"More often than not we are in an industry that sees a lot of us keep our cards close to our chest. To find a like minded contractor that wants to help you and get help in return is not often found at your local wholesaler. 

Here is where the academy has helped me. It opens you up to a huge community of fantastic knowledgeable people who WANT to help, who have done it before, who have made the mistakes that you could avoid. 

This community helped me make the right decision when making the next step in scaling, avoiding what could have been a costly and stressful mistake and turned it rather into a profitable one."

Point To Point Electrical
2 Years - 3 Staff

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Corey Chalk

"I thought I was going alright before starting at the Academy but was looking to see if there was anything I could have been doing better.

I didn't realise how much opportunity I was missing out on and since working through and implementing the things I've learnt, nearly everything in my life has changed in a positive way!

I've gained the knowledge and confidence to be able to take my business to the next level and the community is there to support me which is fantastic.

It has improved my skills as an electrician and a businessman and helps me stay motivated as well in all areas of life.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their electrical business and life as a whole"

Chalk Electrical
3 Years - Sole Trader

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Troy Smith

"The Electricians Success Academy is one of the most brilliant initiatives I have ever seen!

I’ve know Greg for some 6 years now through being co-Directors of Master Electricians Australia and his passion for the industry and helping people has no equal.

What Greg does through the Academy, is so much more than teach and preach and see you later, there is always someone needing help with something and there is always someone willing to help.

At the moment due to lack of regulation, our industry and the players in it need a hand.

Through education, support and helping each contractor to better understand and execute all the facets of business we can lift them and if we lift enough our industry will lift and be a much better, safer, high quality industry that makes profits and is able to better provide value to its clients.

I cannot speak highly enough of the Academy and Greg Allan who is his own version of Steve Erwin with the same level of passion, energy and care for the cause, and all the people who make up our great industry. Get amongst it."

Electric Results
12 Years - 10 Staff

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Work Less & Earn More

Learn cutting edge systems and processes that less than 4% of businesses use to earn more profit and delegate your workload to others!


Personalised Business Support

Get accurate solutions to your problems with an army full of experienced experts ready to help you out. Choose Mastermind for the Ultimate!


Proven Business Scaling Formula

Minimise the hundreds of thousands of dollars you can lose in mistakes from ineffective scaling when building your electrical business.



Customise Your Staff’s Learning

You can use the 500+ Academy training videos & resources or upload your own training videos, documents, challenges or quizzes.


Enhance Onsite Electrical Skills

Assign courses to your electricians to up-skill on the go while learning instantly in between jobs or when there are gaps in the day from their phones.


Maximise Customer Service

Your staff are the face of your electrical business. They will learn how to earn more through our sales training while maintaining a 5-Star service.



Upgrade Skills On The Move

Remove the challenge and expense of time when training yourself and your electricians. Learn from video from anywhere & at anytime!


Gamified Learning Engagement

Earn points, win badges and compete on the Academy leaderboard for top position in your organisation and the global community.


Comprehensive Reporting

Streamline training & keep your team accountable to what they have learned and protect your business from training negligence


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