Electrical Business Customer Conflict Management For Your Peace of Mind

How do we organise your mind so that customer service and conflict management would not take up your entire day? How to live an anxiety-free life and not have to battle it out with your customers about who’s right and who’s not?

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According to Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI), there are five ways to deal with a conflict in the electrical business -- competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, and accommodating. You need to choose the best possible strategy for every customer conflict management.

Talkdesk suggests the following 12-steps process to resolve customer conflict and provide excellent customer service in your electrical business:

  1. Let your customers talk. They are angry or upset for a reason, give them a channel and a chance to express themselves.
  2. Express that you care. And make them feel cared. Be empathetic when talking to an aggrieved customer.
  3. Use a proper tone. Smiling and mocking is a strict no-no. Be soft and try to convey empathy.
  4. Keep it neutral. There’s no need for you to agree or disagree with the customer, just offer an empathetic support system.
  5. Never react. The customers might get angry but it is not for you to interrupt, let them express their opinion.
  6. Keep them focused. If the customer loses his/her attention then you need to divert back their attention to the topic at hand.
  7. Use soft words. The customers might not accept harsh words like “always” or “never” but you can use words like “perhaps”, “possibly” or “sometime.”
  8. Take angry conversations to private rooms. Don’t discuss it in front of your colleagues. If it’s on social media, ask the customer to DM (direct message) you.
  9. Lastly, agree. Find something that you can safely agree about with the customer and build a common ground.
  10. Use silences smartly. When the customer talks, you should try to paraphrase the gist of it in your mind. And then you can work towards the solution together.
  11. Take help of timeouts. When customers are overwhelmed with frustration and annoyance, step back and give them time to think through things.
  12. Have a limit. When all reasonable efforts are made and the customer is relentless and not budging, you can end the conversation.

What do you think? Will the above process help you resolve your electrical business customer conflicts easily? What’s your usual approach to dealing with an unhappy customer? Do leave us a comment and let us know!

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