Why you need to Master one Digital Platform for your Electrical Business

Most of the electrical contracting business owners decide, “I will just get a website and pay 2-5K for it.” But, then what? The biggest trouble, when starting out with your own website is -- How do you get traffic to your website? To get absolute success, you need to start with one social media site and max it out. Be the best at it. Master one -- whether it is Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

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In a Business.com article, the writer tells you to define your business goals and then choose a social media platform where all the fishes (i.e. your customers, not your peers) are. It is also recommended that you get a 'socucation' -- social media education to see what’s trending, what’s new and how it can help your electrical business to connect better with your customers and to achieve the desired growth levels.

In a DesigningAnMba blog post, Megan Auman writes that you should focus on winning one social media platform rather than dabbling in all of them. Get to the point where you want to spend more but can't, so use your platform to bring in more business and only then move on to the next. Most electricians have a Facebook page and they do all the things at once, it's like being a jack of all trades. But you should rather focus on one, be the best at it, and move on to another one. If the second one doesn't work as good as the first one, you can cut out the second one if the Return on Investment is not good.

I did a Triathlon once, which consisted of swimming, running, and riding. I trained really hard at all three sports and ended up overtraining, over fatigued, which drove me down physically and mentally. Eventually, I got good at it when I took my time for one sport at a time. If you are putting your energy in one field, you can grow and become better at it. Perfect analogy and example even for this is  -- Trying to an be electrician and a plumber at the same time is trying to learn too much!

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest historical figures of all times, is quoted as saying, “‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ is wrong. I tell you ‘put all your eggs in one basket, and then watch that basket.’” He believes in this because it is way easier to carry one basket and to see to it that you don’t drop it, as opposed to carrying multiple baskets.

If you were to apply Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Sales and Marketing strategy to your Digital Marketing campaign then you’d realise that everything is life can be rendered into a POWER CURVE. It is built on tiny results, which are dependent on each other, and before you know, it becomes a meteoric success. If you were to use all the available social media platforms then there wouldn’t be the required momentum for your growth to explore on one particular digital platform. So, make sure to choose one platform and to stick to it.  For further clarity, you can also check out this Forbes article that does a detailed analysis of which social media platforms are right for your electrical business.

Which social media platform do you plan to use (and MASTER) for your electrical contracting business?

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