Why Electricians Need to Practise the Art of Awareness

I had a chat with Kirk Neal, our Operations Manager at Response Electricians, during which we discussed the importance of being aware of your abilities and schedule.

The thing is that you have to know your ability because not everyone is the same.

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People function at a different speed and you have to respect that. Also, when you know your ability you won’t compare yourself unnecessarily with others and be able to do your best work. Thus, it is important to know your ability.

Once you know your ability you will be able to improve your performance and productivity by identifying the areas of improvement.

The step is to understand how long it will take YOU to do a particular task. If it can be done within the stipulated time then you can do it, or you can reschedule it per your time availability.

Make sure to prepare for every job you set out to complete. Because, unprepared electricians often go, "What am I doing here?" They are confused, flustered, and many times, angry.


It leads to errors, rushing and flying, a disconnect with the customer, callbacks, additional stress about the day, and unclear communication with the office.

Thus, if you want to avoid the above problems, then you have to be prepared. So instead, try to understand and visualise what's lined up for the day. Make a to-do list of things/tasks you are about to complete today.

And when you do reach onsite, introduce yourself to the customer and then proceed to help.

You can also anticipate your schedule and run it through your mind. For example, if the first half of the day took you too long, you can make up for the lost time during the second half. Thus, you should plan your schedule to become more productive.

Do you plan to be aware about your schedule from now? Leave us a comment and let us know how “the art of awareness” will help you to improve your performance at work.

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