Why electricians need to give feedback to their employers

While talking to Mark Smith, we ended up discussing the importance of feedback and how it is a two-way street. Meaning that it should not just flow one way from the top to the bottom, but it should also flow from the bottom to the top. So there should be an honest and constructive exchange of feedback from not only employers to the employees but also from the electricians to the electrical business owners.

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Mark Smith says that if you are an employee who is not happy at work, then don't throw your arms up and say, "I am going to leave." Rather talk to your employer about what do you need to do to make it better. Tell them, “Because right now I feel this way, so what do I need to do personally to become that person for you as an employer?” Don't assume that your employer knows everything that's going on. If you can't tell them, they can't change something. You can get as pissed off as you want, if your employer doesn't know about it then it won't get fixed. But if you communicate with them then sometimes it will get fixed there and then.

If you are an electrical business owner, then you need to teach your staff to give feedback, even if you get busy to run the business and be behind the scenes. Let it be easy for your staff to give feedback, create an open culture where honest communication is appreciated. When you give an extra little bit of love and attention to your staff, the returns in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction will be huge. This will eventually show on your profit, too. You can consider this Employee Feedback Complete Guide to create a system of channelised feedback per your business structure.

A 6Q article suggests that Team Meetings, Suggestion Boxes, Employee Surveys, and Performance Reviews are four great methods of getting employee feedback. When you ensure honesty, establish an open culture, be transparent and open, ask your employees about their top challenges, follow through, and give honest feedback to receive honest feedback, you can expect your employees to return the favour. This is a part of the 16-step strategy devised by Forbes to get honest feedback from your employees.

So, how do you plan to get honest feedback from your employees? And if you are an electrician, do you plan to give honest feedback to your managers? Please leave us a comment and let us know!

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