How Electrical Contractors Can Hustle To Fill Up Schedule

First and foremost, you have got to understand the implication of not doing work. You need to start thinking about how do you make sure that even if someone cancels, you have got jobs filling that spot. You can’t just sit back and whine. You have got to hustle. You can't sit back and cry -- that is not an option.

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You should be filling up all the jobs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on -- it's just not acceptable to have no jobs. You need to always hustle. And if a spot opens up, you can move a scheduled job ahead by asking them, “Do you mind if we come tomorrow? We have had a cancellation.”

And when you do get an inquiry for a job, make sure to share a quote as soon as possible. You can follow up with, “Hey! I have been busy all day. Sorry about calling you at night, but would you like a quote? We have got a spot open tomorrow. We can come out and do it tomorrow.”

Every single thing that you can do to get a job, you have got to do it. Don't wait for jobs to fill your schedule. You have to walk to them, they won’t always come to you.

James Clear suggests that you should forget about setting goals and create systems, but he relents, “I’ve found that goals are good for planning your progress and systems are good for actually making progress.” So, if you want to hustle and be successful at it, you need to develop a system around it.

Michael Hyatt came up with the concept of creating an Ideal Week aka “the week I would live if I could control 100% of what happens: Sure, you can’t plan for everything. Things happen that you can’t anticipate. But it is a whole lot easier to accomplish what matters most when you are proactive and begin with the end in mind.”

So begin with the end in the mind -- The end here is to convert every lead into not only a paying but also a returning customer. If you get three people who called you via Google, asking for price, then you have to follow up with them. That's the first part of the hustle. The second part is moving jobs forward. If that doesn't work, you can call in quotes trying to get approval. After you have done all of that, you can wait for jobs.

But always remember that it's not okay for people on your team to go home if you don't have work. If you hire a tradesman, they won't stick around if you don't have jobs. Get in the mood to hustle because it's really important to call in every day and give your 100%.

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