How Your Electrical Business Can Get More Customer Reviews and Testimonials?

Do you have a technique to get reviews from your customers?

For Response Electricians, we put everything that we have got into the job and ensure that the client is happy with the job. Once the job is done, we text or call the client to know if they are happy to provide a testimonial. A positive review goes a long way so we ask the customer to go to a platform and give us one. It also has an impact on the customer who writes the review in future.

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Too many people just chop it off (the review process). They just do the work and walk away. Shane Lockland thinks this is crazy and mental. Why would they build a relation and not want to continue and have them as a customer again? Maybe if everything didn't go well then you have to make that call. When it comes to the electrical industry, there is so much competition in the market, that you have to follow up with your customers.

When I asked Lockland, “With customer relationship and repeat customers, do you see your viability in the marketing expense depend on the value of that customer,” he answered, “Definitely.” The biggest thing your electrical contracting business can have moving forward is a customer who turns into a client.  You can see their history on Simpro. Lockland likes having them come back to him repeatedly. It's like, "We trust in you." "I am your electrician" is a feeling of pride and it comes across in the company, Lockland, and the guys who work on the field. They express that feeling on the job, too. It has to be consistent and there's no use sending out a guy who doesn't want to be there.


In an article, Eric Christopher writes these following sure-shot ways to get customer reviews:

  1. Always ask your customers “Are you a helpful person?” and if they answer yes, you can send them a link to write you a review. Robert Cialdini’s research has shown that this question can boost compliance by up to 77.3%.

  2. Automate your entire marketing process, such that after you finish an electrical job an email is automatically sent to your customers requesting a review.

  3. Share reviews and testimonials on social media platforms to make sure that it adds to the goodwill of your company.

  4. Have multiple pages on your website for reviews and testimonials.

  5. Use video testimonials to get a better connect in the digital age.

So, how do you plan to get more customer reviews and testimonials for your electrical business? Share your tips and insights with us!

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