The MOST Powerful Instagram Strategy For Your Electrical Business

The digital world is a HUGE platform to find and connect with potential clients. And your electrical contracting business has to have a presence on social media to create brand awareness, reach out to clients, and network with the crème de la crème of the Electrical Industry. It can bring you a lot of business, money, and attention. Are you ready to use Instagram to boost your business’ growth? I am about to show you the MOST powerful Instagram strategy available!

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Whenever you post a photo or a video to Instagram, you can put a small comment/tip below each video/photo. It will give your viewers and audience a context about the content you share. If you share a picture of your electrical team at work, you can also share a quote related to hard work like: “Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

It is easy to ignore social media schedule because the effects and results are not seen immediately. You might post one day and then forget about it for months, only to post again. But that won’t work! You have got to post frequently and at a specific time. Stay in your customer’s mind. Do remember the trick is to post relevant content -- do not spam your followers with inane messages like “good morning” on social media every single day!


Just like everyone has a distinct personality, everyone has a specific target audience, too. You have to think about who do you really want to reach out to. Is your target audience the homeowners in Western Australia or is it the yuppie crowd across the world? Depending on your target audience, you have got to speak in their language to make sure that they find you and when they do find you, they feel a connection with you.

Once you know their vocabulary, you can churn out 60 hashtags to target. Divide them into a group of 30 each, so you can test and measure which hashtags work and bring more traffic. When the traffic from the first group has died down, post a set of new hashtags after a couple of hours. Remember that on Instagram, as of today, 60 is the maximum number of hashtags allowed, or else you can incur a penalty. A study by Coschedule shows that 11 is the best number of hashtags to target on Instagram, but I think that the jury is still undecided on the verdict, so it is up to you.

You can also set up the hashtags as a shortcut. Put hashtags in your Instagram comment, so your content will show up, too!

I would like to recommend the app Hashtager -- It helps you to generate hashtags for your content and it also lets you connect with like-minded hashtaggers.


You have to be specific about who you want to target, don’t be generic. Get the audience which is local to you so it can help you get more leads. Always choose niche hashtags to avoid generic traffic. Don't simply tag "electrician" because people don’t follow such tags or trends on social media. Instead, think about the language your users will use and how you can reach out to them. For example, in Summer, if there is a massive power cut, your audience might take to social media and comment with #powercut. Thus you know how and what they are thinking.

You can also automate messages for #InstaLike and #InstaFollow. To increase your Instagram followers, you can also do this on Facebook.

Social media is a great platform to reach out to business owners, HNI, and entrepreneurs to expand your network. Later, you can also build a personal relationship with business and house owners.

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Electrical Business Lesson - Instagram Strategy