Why should electrical contractors focus on the "why"

In a riveting TED talk, Simon Sinek has discussed the importance of “why.” He illustrates how great leaders inspire action by addressing the why, the how, and the what of their business -- in that same order.

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You can apply the same principle and logic to your electrical contracting business, too! So, when you set out to build a relationship with the customer, you have to ask them "Why." It’s a simple question that will provide you great insights into the psychology of your customers and how they think. Once you know what they want, you can serve them better and maybe sell a few additional benefits and services too.

The above process will also help your entire team including your admin staff, electricians, managers, and every one. They will know what exactly needs to be done. So the admin will quote correctly, the electricians will do the job efficiently, and the managers will prioritise and delegate the task accordingly.

Also, when you know the difference between the “what” and the “why” in the normal circumstances, you will be able to see what motivates the other person. It’s like you can almost see the cogs in their brain turning!


However, when you know the “why” of the problem, you will understand your customer’s motivations, concerns, fears, hopes and be able to address them all.

For example, if your customer wants a new power point. Most electricians would just give a straight quote. An average electrical team will just do the required work and walk away. They are unaware of the opportunities that they missed.  But if you ask the customer WHY they want the new powerpoint. If they want to hang their TV on the wall, you can offer additional services! But before that, you have to provide options, educate them, and let them decide what’s best for them. Here too, remember that you have to always start with the why. Thus without much effort, you were able to book a new job from the same customer. And I think that’s wonderful.

After you ask the question, you have got to listen to the customer to build a better work relation. Show genuine interest during the initial phone call and build a customer relation and a connection for a lifetime. Also, you can use The Ice Breaker Principle discussed in our academy. Thus you can differentiate yourself from the other electricians.

People are looking at you as an expert in the industry. You have got to help them. You need to find out the problem, so you can provide a better solution.

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Electrical Contracting Business Lesson -- Ask "Why"