Finding Work-Life balance in the Electrical Industry

That elusive “work-life” balance is what everyone seems to be chasing, as they often stop and wonder, “Am I working too much? Am I working too less? What are my priorities in life.” It is easily one of the topics that can spin you into a whirlwind and leave you high and dry with no end or solution in sight! Don’t worry -- because I had the opportunity to chat with three awesome personalities and they are about to give you an insight into what work-life balance means and how you can achieve it.

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Rob Kropp's Electrical Business Advice

Time is limited. Every week you have 168 hours, and you seem to be trapped in this cycle of working too much as an electrical business owner. Sometimes, you move from solving your customers' problems to your team's problems. So structure your business properly to avoid this!


You have got to breathe, take a step back, and break the cycle.

Most businessmen stop living to make money. You have got to break free from this hectic life because your wife and kids want your TIME. Come to think of it, time is the most important commodity you have in the world. If you trade it wisely, you can make millions and enjoy the best family time! It is possible to get the best of both the ends by demarcating the difference between office hours and personal hours.

So, if you are still looking at your phone, when you get home, then there is a problem. Take a moment and think -- What happens if you get hit by a car tomorrow? Why do you keep this pace?

If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have gotten.

When you decide to achieve a work-life balance you will have to make time to do so. It won’t happen the other way around. Say, if you want to get fit, you have to run. So rather go for a run and become fit. Not vice versa. Change your habits to go through the transition phase and you will definitely be able to manage work and life well.

Tony Arnold's Electrical Business Advice


Tony Arnold, the electrical legend who has seen three business cycles in the industry and successfully managed three electrical businesses, goes on to say -- when you don’t spend time with your family, it takes a toll on you.

For a more work-life balance, you have to get a structure in place for your business. Make sure that the business can maintain itself, too. Slowly but steadily, as an electrical business owner, you have got to shift to strategic responsibilities and let your team manage things.

Shane Lockland's Electrical Business Advice

Most of the times, when there’s an increase in business, it is inevitably followed by a decreased time at home.

As an electrical business owner, you have to get the work done through the week. Be sure that there are no working Saturdays! It is going to be difficult for you to cut hours, but you can do it gradually. From full-time Saturdays, you can move to half-working Saturdays, and then to no-working Saturdays. The key here is to wind it back slowly.


Every day make a habit to not work past 5 because then you will reach your breaking point and it can lead to a burnout, which is no good. The thing is to be in this for a long run and not get tired after a few overworked months or years. So rather try to maintain a pace in which you can have a work-life balance.

While you are on work, you have got to focus on one thing that needs your attention. It is no use to wear multiple hats if you can’t pull off one hat with swagger!

So that’s what the three-man had to say. What do you think? How can you achieve a work-life balance and live the best quality of life? Share your tips and thoughts with us! And for more such electrical industry insights and practical knowledge to grow your business, career, and life --  join our electricians success academy!

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