Why Electricians Need To Be Confident?

In the book, “Be Your Customer’s Hero,” the author, Adam Toporek, writes:

“Self-confidence is important because it is inextricably tied to competence.”

Thus electricians need to be confident in front of the customers. When you go on the job, you have got to exude confidence, so that your customer believes in you and will be happy to pay you.

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Once an electrician botched up a job -- he took almost 5 hours for a 1-hour job -- because of his lack of confidence, even though he performed exceedingly well in the interview. In such cases, you have got to CHOOSE to be confident.

You should always have confidence in yourself and appear confident in front of the customers. You should know that you will be able to fix the problem. All this while, you have to make your customer feel like you do this every day!

If you are facing trouble with being confident on the job, here are a couple of steps to be more confident:

1. Be tactful.


If you ever get stuck on the job, don't admit to your customers that you don't know what you are doing. You have got to select your words carefully. For example, if you are trying to locate an electrical fault, it would be great to say, "I know it is not this." instead of "I don’t know." You have got to be professional and always follow a process, as well as justify it. So that your customers will be able to trust you. When customers see the professional process you are going through, they are okay with it.

2. Embrace positivity.


Every time you are on a job, it is like you are solving a complex puzzle. But the difference here is that your work has real-life implications and it can affect lives. Your words should use positive language too, like when a customer inquires about the progress of work, you can say, “I have broken the fault down,” instead of bluntly saying, “I don’t know what it is.”

When you use such positive language, it instills a sense of trust in the customer. Thus it is important to be confident and positive in front of your customer. And remember to showcase a can-do attitude!

3. Don't ask for help in front of the customer.


When you are not confident -- customers start doubting your ability as an electrician as well as they start thinking about money in terms of the time you spent doing a job. It is okay for you to be lost and call for help but don't do it in front of your customer because they see confidence and competence as the same thing. It can be controlled with your mind, and it allows you to be a better student. So next time you feel stuck on a job, remember to step out before you call the office. You can tell them, “I will be back,” walk out, have a quick chat, and come back as an expert.

4. Use resources available to you. Manuals are available on the Internet.


Instead of calling up your office, you can also call up the technical hotline of Master Electricians Australia. Even if you consider calling your boss, manager, or team, you have to remember that it is human nature to help. So reach out to your manager for support, as no one will judge you. Do not hide behind your mistakes. You can even call your mentor.

To build confidence, you can take help from textbooks, mentors, people at the office, online resources, and finally, you have got to do things.

And remember the mantra is to -- always appear confident!

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Confidence Hacks for Electricians