10 Onsite Customer Communication Tips for Electricians

As an electrician, you have to interact with your customers every day on the job. It is a phenomenal sales opportunity for you to upsell your services and ask your customers for upgrading their products and to include or install additional services.

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All this will become possible for you when you switch on the power of your charisma to sell onsite to your customers. In this article, you will learn about how to communicate with your customers on-the-job and increase your onsite sales?

Before you begin, I would like to point out that in the end, it comes down to educating your customers and listening to them. It is also about being a good person.

1. Make an unforgettable first impression.


Scientific studies have shown that first impressions have a long lasting power and they matter even after you have had your first interaction with the customer.

So, you need to be enthusiastic and smile, when you greet your customer. Thus they will get good vibes from you and know that you are a genuine, positive person.

When interacting with your customer, you have to make that person feel good. Your interactions should be conversational. It will reduce the likelihood of them not being happy with your service. The Mantra here is: Every customer is your friend.

When meeting your customer, you should know and use your customer's name. Shake their hand and make an eye contact -- this will show that you are confident and reliable.

As soon as you walk into the office or house, you can identify what your customer is into. Take a stock of your customer’s interior taste and compliment them about it. You have to be interested in their likes and dislikes, so you can suggest appropriate electrical services in the future.

Lastly, you are the expert authority on electrical services. So, remember to show your customers that you know your stuff!

2. Learn what your customer likes.


As discussed earlier, on the job, you have to look for things your customer values and listen to their responses.

Additionally, you can also ask your customers questions, so you can understand their needs. It will help you to zero in on their taste and choice.

3. Identify pain points and sell solutions.


Since you are working on site, remember that you have an access to your customer’s world. If you take a moment and look around, observe, and note things, you will realise that there are many electrical fixes that you can offer.

To do the above, you have got to identify your customer’s pain points and then sell tailor-made solutions to them. It can range from upgrading their halogen dome lights to fixing their old switch plates. Also, keep an eye out for the bad cables, bad wiring, and old electrical equipment that consumes more electrical power.

Here you have to provide solutions to the problems that already exist but might not be obvious to someone who is not a trained electrician.

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