Electricians Tonality on-the-job Matters. A LOT!

Your voice is a musical instrument which you should use to your advantage while communicating with the customers and in general. Studies have shown time and again that people with deep voices are preferred and readily accepted for the high-risk and responsibility-laden jobs such as  CEOs or leaders. Likewise, as an electrician in the field, you can use your voice box and modulate it a bit, to establish authority -- to showcase that you are the expert in your field.

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Let’s suppose that you are discussing pricing with a prospective customer and you want to be solid in your pricing, then your voice is supposed to be flat or down. Like, DO-llars. It conveys, “That is it. That's it. No questions asked. THE-end. I am not gonna talk about this anymore.” It adds a layer of conviction to your pricing and establishes trust about the electrical services you offer in the mind of the customer.

For example, when your tone is flat, such as blah-blah-blah-blah, it comes across as a statement. But when it has a tone of musicality like Blah-blah-blah-BLAH, then it becomes a question because you asked it in an upward note.

As an electrician, you are supposed to be an authority figure and an expert in your field. Suppose, you are coming to talk to someone about safety issues and talking about dangers of Halogen Downlights. Then which of the following two tones should you apply? Think a while about it.

#1  “Do you know there were beams in your ROOM? Would you like me to give you a quote for THAT?" And they are like I don't know.

As opposed to:

#2 "Hi John, I was wondering if you know that you have got halogen downlights on your roof. That is very dangerous."

As you can tell from the above two examples, a question is naturally ended upwards while a statement is flat. When you ask a question, it shows a bit of uncertainty on your end. When you make a statement, it projects confidence and an air of authority -- the customer is convinced that you are someone who knows what they’re talking about.

So next time you are out in the field, make sure to watch your tonality and give special attention to it. It will help you to convert many customers into repeat customers.

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