How Can This Recruitment Process Help Your Electrical Business?

While talking to Brett Matthews, I asked him, “What's the process that you go through when looking for staff members to join RNM solutions?” Since he is an electrical industry stalwart, you could apply his recruitment process and strategy to your electrical contracting business and make sure that you hire only the best people out there.

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Mathews says, “The biggest thing is finding the right person. At the end of the day, RNM is a family-oriented business meaning that it focuses on everybody who works in the business and how it affects them and their family life. But it also is how you interact with your workmates, way you expand everyone when they are in the interview process.”

At RNM Solutions, they have three core values required to survive and be a part of the team: quality, integrity, respect. It also means that one is required to educate the customer, suppliers, and employees about the core values.

They also have a list of documents detailing things like: “Who we are, what we are, how we got here, pre-employee checklist.” It really matters that the potential hire understands your company culture and imbibes it in his attitude at work. You can use this to weed out candidates that are not in sync with your company values because if you are stuck with someone you don't like to work with and they are not helping you to get where you want to get then you won't enjoy working with them. It will be a hard day at work. If it has been an awful day, you need to ask yourself, “What can I learn from today?” Sometimes it will be easy.

Apprentices are hardworking and committed who want to be there. If they don't want to they won't put them through training.

PeopleHR has given a very easy-to-follow step by step process for hiring people for your electrical contracting business:

  1. Form a selection committee that defines the need for the job profile.

  2. Write a job description.

  3. Post your job advert.

  4. Shortlist a few candidates and schedule an interview.

  5. Conduct score-based interviews.

  6. Select an outstanding candidate.

  7. Check background and references.

  8. Make a formal job offer.

So, is your recruitment process in sync with your company values and culture? Do let us know!

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