State of Mind Neuro-Linguistic Programming For Electricians

There is a found connection between your brain and the state of your mind. You can change this with the right neuro-linguistic programming for your brain. It functions at all levels and can be done for all the activities of your day to day life. You can set neuro-linguistic triggers for when you’re feeling low or demotivated about something. It can help you to get in your zone and you can be all charged up and feel motivated so that the next time you face a dilemma, you can recreate the same feeling with the help of neuro-linguistic programming. Many experts have debunked this theory, but it should be primarily used for a placebo effect which will boost your motivation, performance, productivity, and quality of life at work and in your life. Make sure to use it to your max purpose so that you can get the maximum and most impactful benefit in your electrical contracting business.

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Positive Triggers: Smell, Taste, Feel, Hear, See -- Use all your senses

Have you ever taken a pre-workout for the gym? It is initially a lot of caffeine and some stimulants that make you motivated. Over time it is proven that these drugs will lose their effect if you use it a lot. But people still use it in the initial months because it gives them the desired effect and stimulation.

So the thing that we need to find out is what comes along with the initial feeling of drinking a pre-workout? It is caffeine that initially gets you charged for a wicked session and you think that it was because of the pre-workout.  It was because of its taste, smell, and a bit of feeling that makes your skin tingle, so you get all charged up because of the placebo effect.

And over time the placebo becomes stronger than the pre-workout. Over time, you maintain that feeling because it is a neuro-linguistic program that you trigger by taking the pre-workout, even though it is just a placebo effect.

Has it ever happened to you that you changed your pre-workout brands and then ended up having a shitty day? You didn't like it and it wasn't as good as the first one so you went back and bought the other one?  It seems like your senses have latched onto its smell, taste, and everything distinct about its quality. So it helps you to perform better in your electrical contracting business and be motivated by it.

Use Positive Triggers To Feel Charged In Your Electrical Contracting Business

To set a neuro-linguistic programming what we are trying to do is to find something distinct. Our Operations Manager, Kirk, uses chewing gum at the gym and sets it as a trigger point for his best point. You can also mimic it and create states you want to be in.

I think I exist in two very different states of mind: home and work. At home, I am mindful, relaxed, and not wound up. At work, I am the total opposite so am on the charge, going for it, getting things done, and being focused.

Scott Prioste suggests that the next time he feels really charged up he will have an orange essence - sip it, sniff it, and drink it. The next time he feels low or down he will try to get that charged-up state back by using an orange essence and be all positive and motivated about the electrical contracting business.

Create a Stack of Triggers for High-performance In The Electrical Industry

NLP experts have also talked about clapping, feeling, breathing in, shouting out a YES, so that the sound, smell, and touch is a stacking together to create a certain stage.

You can also stack a feeling or an emotion on top of it by adding a new stimulant. Suppose when you had your best sales phone call ever. It doesn't have to be all crazy and use essence and all that.

A couple of people use a door-frame trigger. So, every time you walk through a door you set yourself some intentions. It might be that you want to achieve a certain goal.

Some people also use the car as a trigger for something -- a place where you make the phone calls and relax. The feeling of getting into the car, the smell, the sound, the vibration of the car acts as your trigger for whatever you want to do. It will help you to be in a certain state if you set a specific and a distinct intention.

You can set up something as simple as having a cup of coffee before every sales call. There are endless possibilities, but you need to test and measure it.

Scott mentions an app that plays the sound of a cafe. It can put you in the mood that you are there and you can become more productive. Scott also gets out of the house so that he can work.

Replace Negative Triggers

With kids at home, you can see that kids interrupt you constantly and you are unable to work. You don't want this to happen, because then when you have to get work done, you will get upset with your kids. And this will create a negative trigger.

Be important and be aware of how you feel when you do a thing.  See that you have not attached a negative trigger to things. Scott agrees that it might be unconscious so he just goes for a drive to clear up his mind.

You need to evaluate situations and circumstances in your electrical contracting business and life -- Is there a trigger attached to it? You can reset the negative triggers. For example, you have a really good time with the kids and reset it with a new smell in the house (lavender essence = good time with your kids). So you won't have the old smell and temperature. Scott mentions that smells also bring memories of childhood.

Alcohol can also act as a trigger. For example, the smell of vodka might make someone sick. Another one, is that good times are associated with alcohol. It might be that you have been already having a good time, the alcohol was just there. Scott argues that he needs to have alcohol to have a good time. People also have an unconscious association with things such that cigarette has a social association, and people tend to smoke when they are out with friends. People also create a trigger that a cigarette equals relaxation. You can change it with a piece of chewing gum and thus get rid of the negative trigger.

So, do you plan to set up a neuro-linguistic programming for yourself? Do share your experiences with us.

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