How To Handle Pricing Complaints In Electrical Business

When you are out in the world, providing quality service and doing honest business, you have to remember that there's always going to be people who will want to sting you. There will always be people who will complain about your price, even if you charge $50/hr, they will balk!

Here the most important thing is for you to know your pricing and know your value. And stick by it. You need to be one hundred percent confident that your customer will be able to get the expected quality of service if they choose to work with you! What’s more, if you are double and triple booking, then it's better to have one job at a full price than have multiple jobs at a discounted price.

A well-established indie blog suggests that if a customer complains about your pricing, all you have got to do is acknowledge that they are indeed right, follow it up with a short explanation and if they are still not convinced you should respectfully ask them to shop around for other options. I think this to-the-point strategy works very well because it helps you to showcase some level of integrity, pride, and achievement in what you do.

For a more nuanced strategy to handle pricing complaints, it is worth looking at’s recommendation, which is again laid out in three steps.

First, offer your client a win in terms of additional perks that are not limited to pricing. So you can consider offering a gift or a coupon or some sort of membership that suits your electrical contracting business needs.

Second, offer a wide range of electrical products. Suppose the customer finds that installing a premium ceiling fan is too expensive then you can suggest them a standard ceiling fan. This way they will save on the cost and you will still get their business without compromising the pricing, which is pretty neat!

Third, agree with the customers that yes your pricing is a bit on the higher end and then proceed to defend it. Be adamant about how you have created value and brand for your electrical contracting business over years and provide an exceptional quality of service and electrical work to every client and project you work on. And let them know that they deserve the best and you are the best in your business, so they have got nothing to worry about.

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