Four Deadly Mistakes To Avoid In Solar

Solar has a huge potential in Australia because of its geographic location in terms of latitude and the topography in terms of dry, sandy soil. With the wave of green renewable energy on the rise, the solar industry in Australia is only set to grow by leaps and bound. It makes sense for you, as an electrical contracting business owner, to want to ride this wave and bask in its glory. However, before you wet your feet in this dry (and lucrative!) world of solar, there are a few mistakes that you should definitely try to sidestep. John Horan, a leader in Solar in Australia, suggested a few troubles he noticed in the solar industry. Let’s take a detailed look at it.

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Using cheap equipment

When you use cheap solar equipment in the installation, you are putting your customer’s life at risk. And since the industry is still quite in its nascent stage, you are also putting the whole industry’s reputation at stake. One wrong installation leading to a fatal accident and radiations can affect the industry in quite a negative way. So be sure to always use quality products and convey its importance to your customer too. You can always pass on the cost (with a reasonable margin) on to your customer. In the long run, they will appreciate the fact that you emphasised quality service.

Not researching it

There are a lot many options just in terms of solar panel, so it is really a sin to not research everything that is available and then choose the best available bet per your customer’s budget. You should make sure that they get good solar panels and good inventors, some people use cheap DCI that will catch on fire. You also need to learn (and master) how to install it. Make sure that you are not using wrong equipment or material only to come outside and realise it!

Not using safety correctly

When you don’t use safety standards correctly, it is easily one of the biggest waste of time in terms of training. There is no need of getting up and doing things quickly because it is a waste of time. As a result of this, you won't do it efficiently or safely and it will come back and bite you harder. If you fall down from the roof, you won't be able to work and your electrical contracting business would also shut down if you are a sole trader.

Cutting corners

When you cut corners not only are you being dishonest to your customer, but also to yourself. Eventually, it will prove to be a waste of time because you might get hurt in the process, which could be a lifelong thing. And if it is not such an extreme step, then you would have to come back and repair it, at an additional cost to your pocket because it would count as a callback.

That’s all from John Horan’s side. So, what do you think? How do you plan to avoid the above mistakes in solar? Do share your plan with us!

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