The Magic Wizard Sales Method?

A high energy marketing episode full of impactful strategies and motivations for your electrical contracting business. Make a profit and dominate your game in the electrical industry, even if you are low on work and low on funds. Are you ready to put your all into it? Let's do this!


A Highly Impactful Electrical Business Marketing Strategy - Key Takeaways

  • The way you speak has a strong impact on the type of clients you attract. Language, tonality, and sales-pitch matter when you want to target high-end client. Perception and quality matters, too!
  • The first phone call has to be short and then you can follow-up.
  • How many people open Emails from businesses in this day-and-age? So, rather use SMSCentral for sending customised follow-up/short messages. You can also include your phone number at the end of the message,  if it's a message-only line.
  • Your marketing time should be spent wisely depending on your situation and target market.
  • Testing and measuring is important in Advertising, but don't wait for it to become reactive.
  • Remember that the more you ask, the more you get. So, do everything that you can every day and have a systematised approach to invoicing. Also, give out business cards when you meet and network.
  • When you provide an awesome customer service and an amazing quality of service, you should always work with people who are happy with your pricing!

A Highly Impactful Electrical Business Marketing Strategy