Life-Changing Electrical Business Tips

Strategies so practical - you'll put them into practise today! Tim shares his REAL struggles of the electrical contracting business and we workshop some game-changing solutions for his electrical contractor business. We cover becoming profitable, workshopping the job, the Shopping List Pricing System and more such electrical contracting business tips!

 Electrical Business Tips And Motivation - Key Take Aways

  • Electricians Success Academy is for electricians, electrical contractors, electrical business owners, and for everyone in the electrical industry who wants to be successful.
  • Define end goals and your lifestyle when you run your electrical business. You can work that much towards your goal.
  • Next time a customer asks for discount, think about your family. You are taking away money from your family to give a discount. Can you afford that? Is it the right thing to do?
  • When you reach a customer's home, the first conversation should never be about the job. Compliment them about something that you think is close to their heart and reflects their style. Break the ice!
  • Always upsell benefits of electrical services and upgradation to your customer is a genuine way that benefits them.
  • Use the Ice Breaker Principle and Shopping List Pricing Method for more profits as an electrical contractor! Sign up to our online electrical business academy for success in your life and career.



Life-Changing Electrical Business Tips & Motivation