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Horan and Bird Director Josh Horan shares Electrical Contractor Solar Business Advice

John Horan is the director of Horan and Bird an electrical company specialising in Energy Management and Sustainable Energy Solutions. If you are still working long hours and weekends, this episode is for you. John discusses how his health was at risk with the amount he was working in electrical contracting and how his PPH Formula saved his life. 

Learn what John did to take his electrical contracting business to the next level with tried and proven strategies you can implement in your life and business. He also shares a few tips on solar workforce development.

Resources Discussed: 

Show Summary of Electrical Contractor Solar Business Advice:

2.40: Why did John Horan become an electrician?

3.30: How to MAXIMISE your practical learning of the electrical trade.

5.00: John's drive to become an electrical contractor and run his own business.

5.30: What to do if you want to start your own electrical contracting business.

5.50: What is the biggest lesson's learned as an electrical apprentice in a Sugar Mill.

6.30: What every 20-30 year old electrician should be doing.

7.00: The benefit's of having a mentor in life an business.

7.40: How to find a mentor or a board to help you develop your business or life.

9.45: How to set yourself ahead of your competition in the electrical industry.

10.30: How John's business nearly ended his business and his life when he found himself in the hospital. 

11.15: How working harder doesn't get you ahead when you are struggling!

12.00: The PPH Formula and how it will change the way you do business?

14.00: How to get your weekends back, spend more time with friends and family and less time at work.

15.45: THE QUICKSAND EFFECT - How to turn a disaster into a positive.

17.00: How winning the Master Electrician Of The Year boosted Horan & Bird to the next year.

17.30: How to look and charge more through better marketing.

18.30: How Horan & Bird became an Energy Solutions Company and now Energy Company.

19.30: Discussion around Origin Energy purchasing Horan & Bird in 2015.

20.30: How John sold his house to purchase a container of solar panels to take his company to the next level.

22.30: The future of Energy Solutions and how to build a relationship with Origin Energy. 

23.45: What John sees as the biggest mistakes that electricians make when starting in Solar!

24.45: What is the biggest waste of time that John sees in the Solar game.

26.00: Resources that electricians can use to learn about solar installation and design.

27.30: John's POWER LESSON on Solar System Design and Installation to win $1 Million!

29.30: What you need to know to SELL Solar Panels and make money doing it!

31.30: How to build a good supply chain for solar installation

33.00: The things that John attributes his biggest growth and success to.

34.50: How to PARTNER with big companies to grow your electrical business.

35.45: Where electricians can go to learn about sustainable energy solutions. 

36.50: How to become a partner with Origin Energy or Master Electricians Australia

38.30: One thing that would teach an electrical contractor that is just starting out in business. 

39.45: What tools to use to measure your performance.

40.30: The number one tool that John would recommend spending money on.

42.00: What John does in his spare time

43.20: How has John set up his business to allow him to maintain the lifestyle he has. 

44.40: How to get paid quickly to maximise cashflow.

Electrician Success ACADEMY Member Q&A: 

46.20: What are the recommended courses or resources that electricians should complete to enhance their skills and understanding of Sustainable Energy Solutions such as solar and battery back up?

47.30: With so many options of batteries coming onto the market, which do you think will be the best going forward - like VHS vs Betamax?

48.50: How to compete against the electricians selling the cheapest products in the industry.

51.00: What John thinks is the benefits of battery back up.

54.10: What is your go to panels and inverter combo setup for optimal conditions and why?

56.00: Final comments to the electrical industry and the take aways that you can implement today for instant improvements. 

57.45: Where electricians can go to learn everything you need to know about sales and marketing. 

Electrical Contractor Solar Business Advice & Growth Tips