Electrical Contractor Business Mindset & Goals


Clipsal Schneider General Manager Shares Electrical Contractor Business Mindset & Goals

This interview is guaranteed to motivate and inspire you as an electrician. Ashley talks about his career as an electrician apprentice in the Army to building up his electrical contracting business to becoming the General Manager at Clipsal Schneider. 

Follow Ashley Ralph's journey and preparation to running 1000km in 10 days to fundraise for the Julian Burton Burns Trust and Variety The Children's Charity. That is 100km in 10 days!! Learn how he prepares mentally for the challenges that are about to face him and how he plans to minimise mistakes and increases the likelihood of success in relation to the electrical industry.  You can implement his strategies in your electrical contractor business plan to see your electrical business grow a lot more!

Resources Discussed:

Show Summary of Electrical Contractor Business Mindset & Goals:

3.10: Why Ashley Ralph became an electrician initially.

4.00: What it is like to be an electrician in the Army for the Australian Defence Force.

5.40: What skills and mindset Ashley took away from the Army.

7.30: When Ashley had the drive to start his own electrical contracting business.

8.00: Outline of the electrical contracting business and why Ashley stopped contracting and started working at Clipsal.

9.00: Ashley's number one technical ability and how to develop speed and agility on the job.

10.00: How Ashley's team was able to complete house re-wires fast and efficiently with minimal issues and disruption to the home owner or customer.

11.35: The worst looking electrical job Ashley has faced.

12.30: Ashley's recommendations when doing sales as an electrician or electrical contractor.

13.50: Ashley Ralph's General manager role at Clipsal Schneider and what he does there. 

15.30: Why Ashley is running 1000km in 10 days for charity.

16.30: The charity's that Ashley is supporting at the Clipsal 1000 and why they are supporting Julian Burton Burns Trust and Variety The Children's Charity.

17.30: What the funds are going towards for the fundraiser.

18.30: What people can do to support this charity event.

20.10: Following Ashley on the Clipsal 1000 Facebook Page.

20.30: How becoming fit and healthy or maintaining your health and wellbeing will enable you to success.

21.30: The breakdown of the skills, mindset and routines that have enabled Ashley to complete ultra events and and pushing himself to the next level in everything he does. 

24.00: How Ashley decided to run 1000km in 10 days and WHY!

25.00: Dealing with people who tell you you can't achieve something and what to do about it.

26.00: What drives Ashley to keep growing and improving.

Electrician's Success ACADEMY Member Questions: 

26.30: Tony: What is Ashley's nutrition and training plan over the festive season?

28.00: Ashley's nutrition plan for the training for the 1000km run

30.00: Ashley's training plan for the 1000km run for the Clipsal 1000

32.00: How Ashley would tie an event like the Clipsal 1000 to something that an electrical contractor would deal with in day to day business. 

33.45: Ashley's number one skill that he has developed to continue improving and  growing.

35.00: What has always driven Ashley to be successful.

36.20: Bennet: What is the most influential book that Ashely has read and why?

37.30: What would you teach your younger self in business?

39.00: How to get paid fast to assist with cashflow!

41.00: What is the most used and recommended apps that you use at the moment? 

42.10: How to test and measure for success

43.00: Ashley's thoughts and information he would like to share with the electrical community.

44.25: How to watch the Clipsal 1000 LIVE in February.

46.00: A run through of exactly what is happening with the Clipsal 1000

47.00: What is happening at Clipsal at the moment.

Electrical Contractor Business Mindset & Goals