Electrical Contracting Business Strategic Planning


Josh Horneman Shares Electrical Contracting Business Strategic Planning Method

Josh Horneman is a serial entrepreneur who's a master in strategic planning for electrical contracting business success. He coaches business people to ensure they stay on track with what is important and minimise wasted time through lack of distraction. Learn how to dominate as an electrical contractor this year through proper planning. Are you ready to implement this business plan and marketing plan for your electrical services growth?

Key Takeaways from Electrical Contracting Business Strategic Planning:

  • Make sure what you want to achieve. Let it be in sync with your goals. Be passionate about it. Be motivated. Be realistic. It has to be yours.
  • To make a goal your reality take actions daily per your electrical contracting business strategic planning.
  • Some people are self-motivated, while most people need external checks and accountability. So this is very critical part of goal setting process.
  • Accountability buddy -- For more motivation, inspiration, and daily checks. It has got to be at the start.
  • Self-motivated people write down their goals, so they hold themselves accountable.
  • Visualisation technique: Drawn your vision on white-board or paper.
  • Small increments will make the big things (success) happen.
  • Habit creation: If you want to increase the number of customers/sales, you need to do it regularly. Make it a way of life. 30 days repeatedly. It becomes a part of daily life.
  • Idea Bubble: When you have an idea, dump it in the idea bubble. Do not let it distract you from the tasks at hand. 
  • People tend to ignore the satisfaction that comes from achieving/doing something. Why would you not reward yourself for achieving what you have set out to do? (Example: movie, etc).
  • Rewards Process: Happens on the journey, not just at the end.  It is a big part of motivation.
  • Burnout: Trying to achieve everything within a small time frame. Follow the electrical contracting business strategic planning method for optimum success.

Electrical Contracting Business Strategic Planning Tips