Electrical Business Hiring Advice - Shane Lockland


Shane Lockland shares Electrical Business Hiring Advice

This is absolutely a MUST WATCH episode for everyone in our electrical industry. There is a lot of confusion between what electricians believe companies want from them opposed to what they ACTUALLY want. This is packed with golden information for all levels in the industry whether you are an electrical worker, electrical contractor, sole trader or electrical employer. 

Key takeaways FROM Electrical Business Hiring Advice:

  • Repeat customers will lead to more customers because they like your work.
  • Healthy lifestyle affects your mind, fitness, and clarity as an electrician.
  • Document the processes and ensure that all the electrical contractors follow admin work for a systemic organisation. This is great electrical business hiring advice to increase efficiency.
  • Training your team of electricians helps you to get feedback from the team.
  • A team huddle environment means that you hang out with your team once in a while.
  • You can have a file of ready-to-hire people by interviewing people for electrician jobs on a regular basis.
  • Focus on one thing when you engage in the electrical contracting business.

Electrical Business Hiring Advice