Electrical Wholesaler Advice - Ryan Veitch

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Lawrence and Hanson's award-winning store manager shares Electrical Wholesaler Advice

Learn how to maximise the value of your electrical wholesalers and leverage from their knowledge, expertise, experience and global power within the electrical industry. Build a better relationship with your local store manager to reap massive rewards which far surpass the basic transactional sense of buying electrical supplies. Ryan Veitch, award winning store manager from Lawrence and Hanson discusses what you can do to enhance the value of your electrical distributors. 

Key takeaways FROM Electrical Wholesaler Advice:

  • You can ask your electrical wholesaler for advice on electrical products.
  • Build a relation with your electrical wholesaler.
  • When making a buying decision, you should consider quality too, not just price.
  • Pick and choose the electrical industry events you support.
  • Your electrical wholesaler can advice you about -- social media, uniforms, service; and thus increase your efficiency.
  • Give feedback to your electrical wholesaler so they can implement your points and improve their service.

Electrical Wholesaler Advice