Successful Electrical Contracting Business

Successful Electrician Interview With Tony Arnold

Tony Arnold is the current President of Master Electricians Australia and the Director of Arnolds Electrical & Data Installations based in Queensland, Australia. 

In this episode, we discuss Tony's ability to compete in Ironman, Marathons and Huge Bike Races while running a large business and performing his duties as president at Master Electricians Australia. 

This is a truly inspirational person with a lot of lessons share with you today to help you become successful as an electrician or electrical contractor in the electrical industry.

Show Summary: 

3.00: Tony's recent exercise achievements and how he fits these around running a large electrical business and life itself.

7.20: The electrician journey of Tony and why he became an electrician.

10.30: Factors to why modern electrical contractors are failing

12.30: Processes to estimating for success

14.30: Tools to provide clarity to contractors

16.30: Experiences that took him to the next level in the electrical industries

18.30: How it used to be before software and mobile phones

20.10: How Arnold's has changed over the years in terms of the electrical work they do.

22.00: Steps contractors can take to work for QUALITY clients that you want to work for.

23.50: Mistakes that contractors make when starting with new clients.

24.20: How to approach variations to maintain a good client relationship

26.30: Discuss the role as President at Master Electricians Australia.

28.30: What Tony is learning about the industry now he is President of Master Electricians Australia.

30.30: What Tony wish he knew when he was 30 years old.

31.30: How trusting people has caused some major issues in Tony's life in business.

34.00: More mistakes and how to identify them early to create the right solution for the issue.

36.00: How to minimise the risk of losing out on jobs.

37.30: Tools and strategies for accurate estimations for tenders

40.00: The process AEDI go through to ensure the correct electrician is hired for the correct role to maintain culture.

43.30: Main takeaways and advice that from Tony's experience in the electrical industry.

45.30: How succession planning will provide the best opportunity for success.

46.30: The cause of some of Tony's hardest times in business and life and how to create a balanced life.

48.00: Steps to take to create an environment where you can have a life outside of business.

51.00: How to connect with Tony Arnold and AEDI

52.00: How to become a member of Master Electricians Australia.