Inside Response Episode - Communicating For Success

This episode really outlines WHY we value open and transparent communication above all else at Response Fire & Electrical Services. Learn about our perspective and how we approach difficult conversations to maintain a high level of trust and keep every person we deal with happy and valued. 

Improving your communication will change everything you do and achieve at work and in life. Learn how to communicate better and enjoy a more fulfilling life with better conversations, easy conflict management, better team productivity, improved state of flow and minimise stress. 

Please comment and leave feedback on how you felt when watching this episode of Inside Response. We really value your opinion and to us, any communication is better than none as you would have learned in this conversation :)

What did you take away from this episode?

Show Summary: 

1.35: Examples of interruptions that cause distraction and loss of productivity.

2.40: Setting and utilising POWER BLOCKS to maximise productivity.

5.40: A practical way to slash interruptions from electricians about technical queries.

6.45: Strategies to approach upset customers or clients to maintain a good customer relationship.

8.40: The process Kirk follows to ensure that the customer knows they are valued.

11.00: People management steps to diffuse a bad situation.

13.00: The listening modality to demonstrate that you have listened to them.

15.30: How to manage yourself under a stressful situation like when you are being yelled at.

17.00: A must have attitude to ensure you stay calm under high stress conversations.

18.15: How to detach from emotion to communicate better.

20.30: The steps and process to take to manage conflict.

22.30: How to be a good conversationalist.

24.45: The disastrous effects of non-billable time, call backs, non-chargeable time.

27.20: How to communicate your way out of non-billable time so that you can charge for all actual time.

29.30: How to be an EXPERT electrician and not a slave.

32.00: Using communication to KNOW your day to maximise productivity, maximise income and minimise losses.

33.40: The 30 second strategy that will break first meeting awkwardness down to build trust in you as an electrician.

35.20: Techniques to take control of your day.

36.00: The dangerous state of rushing and the effect it has on your mental state and how that effects your day.

38.30: Being prepared and the actual effects it has on your Productivity.