Top Six Mistakes Electricians Make In Digital Marketing

In this day and age, when you can buy everything online -- from your grocery to your luxurious home-- the biggest mistake that an electrician can make is not having a website! Your website is your home in the online world, it is also the point where all the transaction happens. Let’s look at the top six mistakes that electricians and electrical contractors make in digital marketing:

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Lack of Traffic On Your Electrical Business Website

But of what use is a website if there is no traffic? An empty website is as good as an empty movie theater, meaning that the movie is a flop and your electrical business will also run into losses. So you have to ensure that you do everything in your capacity to generate traffic.

Low Conversions In The Electrical Industry

Suppose there is traffic. Let’s say there are a lot of footfalls and the number is as big as the number of people at a Black Friday sale. But, of what use are the numbers if none of them buy anything? Come to think of it, if you were running a retail store would you prefer 1,000 people visiting your store and 0% of them buying anything, or 100 people visiting your store and 10% of them being customers who pay. Thus, conversion is the key to a successful business. And more so in the digital world. Going viral can have no substantial meaning if it is not showing in your bank account, too. So, for more conversions, you have got to understand where to put the phone number, logo, navigation, testimonials, and loading speed.

Slow Loading Electrical Website

Will you ever use snail mail now that there is high-speed internet? Likewise, people’s attention span and patience are always on the brink of breaking, so if your website is not optimised and loading fast, people (I mean, potential customers!) will go away.


Analysis Paralysis

Data is the new oil. And when you have been conducting digital marketing campaigns you have got to analyse the data. When you avoid this step, your campaign offers no insights and thus you are unable to improve your product, services, and marketing efforts.

Tunnel Vision In Electrical Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has many aspects linked together -- SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Inbound Marketing, among others. But if you were to focus on just one of the above aspects then it would be a grave mistake. All of these things work together, and when something works well on one platform, you should replicate it on other platforms, too.

Avatar Creation For The Electrical Indusrty

Many people think that everyone on the net is their target customer, which is very wrong. Instead, you have to scan through your past customers and find out your ideal customers. Build your digital marketing around this avatar will lead to a successful campaign!

Lastly, remember that as an electrical business owner, you have to follow the three-pronged strategy at work: Work (electrical jobs), Administrative tasks (invoicing, quoting, delegating, and more), and Creative Zone (marketing, copy, ads and more). Think about your customer during the Creative Strategy. Let them be at the centre of attention and the driving force of your strategy to ensure that your creative campaigns and your customer’s needs are in sync.

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