Electrical Business Strategy - Visualise Your Future


Thomas Birt's Electrical Business Planning Tips For A Better Future

You  need to define your idea of success. NOW! To do this you can visualise your future and what it looks like. Greg Allan shares how maintaining a future journal can help you to plan for success of your electrical contracting business. Use the power of visualisation discussed in the podcast to unlock the next level in your electrical contracting career and life.


Key takeaways from Electrical Business Planning:

  • Thomas Birt is an electrical industry legend who has had three contracting businesses. One week before his retirement, he discussed the "Visualising your Future" technique with Greg Allan.
  • You need to visualise so you can PLAN for your future.  Doesn’t matter if you are an electrician, electrical employee, electrical contractor, or electrical business owner.
  • Visualise your life when you are 60 -- What does it look like? What are you up to? Your business plan should reflect these goals, too.
  • When you are going through hard times you need to go back to family because it is everything.
  • Always get rid off the stuff that gets you off the main track. Don’t waste your time on an activity if it is not a part of your future goal. This way you can maintain your electrical contractor business plan.
  • Do a journal entry at your favourite place. For 10 years from now. Write in past tense as if you have already achieved things. You can implement this electrical business planning tip for your personal as well professional life.
  • All the electricians out there -- Are you ready to visualise your future? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Electrical Business Planning Preview